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SKIP THE CLUTTER! Access a team of vetted and time zone aligned remote software engineers and quality assurance experts with experience in 100+ technologies, ready to build, grow and support your business. Every development resource you need, every development project you have, Nanosoft delivers.

Multiple technologies at our fingertips, a Global presence and a Passion for all things digital.

Leverage the expertise of the best remote developers and take the tech world by storm without going through the exhaustive hiring process. Here’s how to hire remote developer with incredible technical expertise and communication skills in the easiest and quickest way.

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Some Tech Stacks We Hire Remote Developers for

Bringing together the best of front-end, back-end, full-stack, web, and mobile technologies & platforms, we hire software developers to cover a wide gamut of tech stacks.

Why Futuristic Companies Choose Nanosoft for Hiring Remote Developers

World-class Talent

Our global presence allows us to hire and retain seasoned software engineers, coders, and architects with expertise across hundreds of technologies, ready to tackle your most important initiatives. From small-scale projects to complex architectures, our top-tier developers know how to fuse advanced technology with best coding practices.

Role-Specific Expertise

Every applicant to the Nanosoft network is rigorously tested and vetted to ensure we connect you to the right talent with extensive experience in the shoes they have to fill. Every techie in our network carries an exceptional background and embodies the highest levels of integrity, professionalism, and communication to ensure they seamlessly blend in your team.

Quick Hiring Process

Scaling your team no longer takes weeks. With Nanosoft, your development talent can be ready to go within 24 hours. Our proactive evaluation and screening process guarantees that we pre-hire the top 3% of tech talent that can work on all types of development projects. Choose from developers, designers, quality assurance engineers, marketers, and more.

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Acquiring Happy Customers Along the Way

“Branex LLC's developers deliver quality work through a transparent and productive approach, increasing development speed. The trajectory of our project has completely taken off since we hired Branex LLC as our outsourcing partner.”

Gordon Maniskas Co-Founder

“Thanks to the contributions of our outsourced team, the site's upload time improved significantly resulting in an increase in leads. We had daily communication and each day had a list of things to be done. The next day, the list was executed.”

Joan Llanillo Cristescu Project Lead

“The developers were very helpful, adaptable, and easy to work with. The team communicated seamlessly and was always available throughout the project. They were very responsive and receptive to feedback.”

Mariam Jamal Al Dharif Al Shamsi PR Specialist

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