Life at Nanosoft

Nanosoft truly believes in work-life balance and this is the very reason behind the satisfaction of our employees. With a focus on quality over quantity, Nanosoft realizes the importance of balance between work life and social life, and therefore proudly provides the best working environment to its employees. The talented minds working here wear no tension on their faces, as Nanosoft does not believe in burying employees under the burdens of work.

The culture at Nanosoft is an engaging one where all of us work like a family, and we really mean it. Everyone working here has the freedom of speech and can throw in his/her valuable opinion about anything at Nanosoft. We give all our ears to whatever suggestions we get from anyone in-house. We value quality human resource and the reason behind our matchless employee retention rate is the quality of lifestyle that employees get at Nanosoft. We do not provide a job; in fact, we provide a lifestyle to all our employees, far more than salary and benefits. Work is fun here and the reason is the mental peace that Nanosoft Family enjoys.


Extraordinary Personal & Professional Growth Opportunities

At Nanosoft Technologies, our employees experience exponential personal and professional growth. We believe in exploring talent and giving it the best shape. The bond among all of us here at Nanosoft is a true reflection of how sincere we are with our core values. The ladder to grow here is not a long one, and anyone who has the potential can climb it with ease.

We believe in transparent employee evaluation and thereby ensure that none of our employees is ignored at all. Hierarchies are just a formality here at Nanosoft. The lifestyle that Nanosoft offers to its employees not just helps them in climbing the professional growth ladder quicker, but also in making them better and more responsible human beings.

Market Competitive Remuneration

We know the worth of all our employees and it is a fact that everyone working here is getting what he/she deserves. Along with numerous fringe benefits and exciting facilities, we provide market competitive salary packages to all our employees, making sure that every employee here enjoys the financial wellness.

Easily Accessible Location

Nanosoft is located in in one of the most posh areas of Karachi, where accessibility from any corner of the city is not a big deal at all. Away from all the commercial fuss, we are situated in serene vicinity which blesses our employees with an extra peace of mind.

Loan facility

Nanosoft promises all its employees to be there through the thicks and thins of their lives. When we say we are a family, we really mean it, and in times of need, no one stands up to help but the family. To ensure that our employees are free from all the financial worries, we provide Loan Facility to our employees with Zero Markup.

Medical insurance

All the employees and working staff here at Nanosoft Technologies get the medical insurance once aboard. We know the mental relief one gets when he knows that his medical is covered by medical insurance, and this is one of the reasons that we get outputs from our employees beyond what we expect.

Half Yearly Performance Bonus

The efforts of our employees never go unnoticed as our Human Resources Department is always active finding new ways to acknowledge and reward the employees here. You just have to get out of your shell a bit to make it to the monthly performers’ list. All the monthly performers are provided with bonuses depending upon the levels of efforts they put in throughout the month.

Annual Increment

To keep up the pace with ever-rising inflation in our country, and to make sure that the employees are being provided with the much desired financial growth, Nanosoft offers annual increment to all of its employees. The annual increment is based upon the performance that an employee has shown up throughout the year.

Life at Nanosoft

Indoor Play Area

The sharp minds working here at Nanosoft go sharper when it comes to indoor Play Area. The Hoo-Haas and loud screams of joy when one beats another colleague in a game are a norm here, and is something that does not disturb us at all. Equipped with table tennis, foosball, basketball, chess, and other engaging indoor games, the indoor play area at Nanosoft is the perfect spot to soothe up the ever-active brains working here.

Fitness Gym

As the proverb says ‘A healthy mind resides in a healthy body’, Nanosoft knows the importance of good health. This is why we have brought the gym inside for our valued employees. Luckily, all our employees are food lovers, and to burn the excessive calories, Gym serves them at its best. State-of-the-art exercise and weight losing equipment at our gym simply keeps all our staff fit and healthy, to work with more zeal on their seats.

Pick & Drop

To make sure that the employees do not have to spend their earnings on their travelling, and that they commute with safety and ease, Nanosoft offers free pick and drop service to all its employees. Highly experienced drivers and new hi-roofs with comfy seats make up the best transportation fleet an organization may have.

Annual Event

To celebrate our continuing success and to acknowledge the efforts of all the performers in a more formal way, the annual event is held with a boom, where the performers are treated like celebrities. Multiple bonuses, extraordinary growth, dinners and lunches are combined with numerous rewards and appreciation certificates that Nanosoft’s star performers receive in the annual event.

Annual Picnics

We provide a fascinating lifestyle to all our employees, and we do what we say. Two picnics a year ensure that while taking a break from work, the entire staff of Nanosoft gets the most entertaining experience. We select the most exquisite venue out of the lost, and make the best preparations to make it a memorable experience for The Nanosoft Family.

Projector for live match streaming

Nanosoft simply shut down its shutters, trapping all its employees inside, if there is a cricket match going on. When it’s time to support Team Green, watching live match streaming together on projector, the zeal and zest of our employees is worth experiencing. We have to shut our office windows so that the neighborhood may not get disturbed, because the people here at Nanosoft are not going to stay quiet for even a minute during the streaming.

Mobile Allowance

At Nanosoft, we try our best to take the financial burdens off our employees, and thus we are always there to do the little things that may help you in a bigger way collectively. Providing monthly mobile allowance other than the salary, to all our staff, is one of these little things.

Personal Laptop

Most of the companies provide personal laptops to their employees so that they can be put to work even after the working hours. It is not at all like this at Nanosoft. All the permanent employees here are provided with personal laptops, they are not allowed to do office work on once they leave office. Nanosoft believes in privacy of data and knows the happiness when an employee gets a laptop. All we want is the happiness and satisfaction of our employees, so that they are able to work in a much smarter way.

Sports Day

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy! We would never want that! In order to instill a new wave of motivation and spirit in our employees, Nanosoft hosts an annual Cricket Match, to bring people working on different floors, in different teams, or even working remotely in and out of the home office, together for a fun night!

BBQ Party

When life gives you meat, you plan a Barbecue. Nanosoft hosts a succulent, luscious, drool-worthy Barbecue party each year to offer its employees a respite from work with a lively and pulsing with fun night. Scrumptious food piping hot from the grill, challenging your co-workers to a deadly game of Fooseball or table tennis, movie screening under the stars, a chance for team building and getting to know your colleagues better, is what our BBQ parties are all about!

Mango Party

Can you ever get enough of sinking your teeth in succulent, deliciously ripe, and sweeter than honey mangoes? With the mango season in full bloom, Nanosoft hosts an annual Mango party to celebrate the king of all fruits. Eat as many mangoes as you want and then some more and be crowned the undisputed Mango King/Queen, and take home a gigantic boxful of the most amazing Mangoes! Get your hands dirty. No Judging!

Iftar Party

Nanosoft shares the blessings of the Holy Month of Ramadan with all its family members by hosting a splendid Iftar Party. Break your fast with co-workers, relish in the comradeship of fasting, and delve in a wide assortment of delectable appetizers, enticing entrees, satiating designer drinks, and delightful desserts.