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We meet every project’s challenges with innovation,
collaborative spirit and the art of invention.

Data Analytics

The huge world of data is bringing new challenges for business in this modern era. Mobile App Development is now being generated in zeta and petabytes, and all business are strangled in is the way to handle such data. Thankfully, the brilliant minds that we pamper at Nanosoft are at work to help you out of this mess. Nanosoft focuses on information management and analytic capabilities that can empower the business world to overcome the challenges.

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Data Mining

Nanosoft empowers businesses to handle large amounts of business and market related data with ease via its data mining tools. Big data is all what businesses today are getting in their hands, but very few are blessed to have scanned it to their benefits. The data mining tools that Nanosoft develops are highly capable of shaping up the fate of your business. Nanosoft strives to make an impact in the business world, making enterprises able to make their impact in their respective markets.

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Mobile App Development

We love conceiving ideas and turning them into real mobile apps. The application development unit at Nanosoft Technologies is always busy in developing something new for the business world that can be beneficial for enterprises in a true way. For this purpose, the talent here at Nanosoft Technologies develops apps for all kinds of genres, for whatever the platform is. Whether it is iOS or Android, Linux or Windows, our amazing resource is always on it, ready to give it a go.

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Mobile Game Development

Nanosoft Technologies is a maestro in 2D mobile game development. Integrated with the finest APIs and UI/UX designs, our mobile game applications are par any others. We simply conceive the vision for a great game at first, and then trace it down as the core concept, and finally our developers jump on it and give it the form a real game, that works flawlessly. We develop cross platform 2D mobile games that are highly imaginative and based on the futuristic trends of mobile gaming.

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Cloud Computing

Our cloud computing and cloud security tools empower business to accelerate innovation, deliver business agility and reduce costs. Our cloud computing assures managed infrastructure and managed operations to businesses. We design, build and run workloads to help businesses and enterprises achieve success in the cloud. We produce exceptional cloud based solutions which enable the business world to operate and manage data more freely without any mess.

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Web Design and Development

Nanosoft Technologies is fearless enough when it comes to web design and development. Our team of experts have designed and developed a wide range of applications and games, so far. We’ve developed highly innovative websites that have delivered more than the intended results. All of our work is developed in-house by our expert team of UI/UX designers and developers. This gives us full control of the code and to build web sites that look highly professional, user interactive, load quickly, and offer the cutting edge functionality to users.

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