Human Resource Management System


Human Resource Management System

Human Resource Management System is an online employee management tool that facilitates Human Resources to automate all HR functions.

Nanosoft HR Portal Features

  1. Employee Management: Feature enables HR to keep record of new employees and existing employee’s updated profiles comprising of all necessary details such as;
    • Employee’s Personal details.
    • Salary amount.
    • Annual increment history.
  2. Attendance System: Integrated with the portal so that an employee can have access to leaves availed.
    • Feature Integrates short leaves, half days and other existing functions defined in policy.
    • HR can set up yearly calendar for employees’ access comprising of marked gazette holidays, Annual office dinner and any other corporate training sessions scheduled over the entire year.
  3. Salary Management: A salary calculator that will facilitate HR personnel with generating Automated salary slips;
    • System generates leaves availed, leaves remaining and work from home days.
    • Penalties for extra leaves deducted by system.
    • Salary Calculator comprising of monthly salary management, bonus availed and deductions such as tax, car loan and personal loan.
  4. Access to official documents: Repository of all documents related to company such as;
    • Company Policy.
    • Company’s vision & mission statements.
    • Other official documents.
  5. Polls & Announcements:
    • Whether its next official picnic spot or experimenting with new policy, HR portal facilitates HR personnel to conduct polls anonymously among employees.
    • All official announcements can be made using this feature.

HRMS portal enables employees to also view their personal profiles and have access to their salary history, copies of documents submitted to HR and leave records.